Once you become a member of the BRAT Club you have direct access to a range of training sessions FREE OF CHARGE.

BRATs train around Bondi, Centennial Park, ES Marks Athletics Field and various other Eastern Suburbs locations. We do our best to bring training sessions that offer something for everyone, from the total novice, to the weekend warrior, to the budding professional. For full details of the training sessions, including meeting times and locations, see the details below or book through the Calendar. 

If you want a tailored program, speak to John Hill who will be more than happy to help you out. 

Bike Intervals

5:45am Tuesday: Staying in Centennial Park and splitting into different groups, this is a good session to take your riding to another level.  Coffee after at the Glasshouse.  Meet at York Rd gates or after the recon lap at 6am in the carpark at the top of the Kiosk hill. 

Social Ride


5:45am Thursday: Group ride to La Perouse or Eastern Suburbs.  Meet at York Rd gates. 

Tempo Run


6am Wednesday: Also known as the Hardman run, this session involves 6km loops in the park, regrouping every 30min.  You can do as many or as few laps as you like.  Meet at the bubbler on the main loop, down the hill from the York Rd gates. 



TO BE ANNOUNCED There is no better way to improve your running.  Plyometric drills followed by intervals.  McKay oval in the summer and ES Marks track in the winter. 

Ocean Swim


Various mornings during the week, and the occasional weekend arvo - when the conditions are right.  Keep an eye on the WhatsApp or Facebook to know when it's on.  Meet in front of North Bondi Surf Club. 

Long Ride


Saturday at 6am, Sunday at 6:15am, York Rd gates in Centennial Park.  Heading to Waterfall or beyond. 


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